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The Strong Woman was welcomed into the world on Sunday, December 6th with the most beautiful, lively, festive launch party I could have possibly imagined!  THANK YOU to the many wonderful people and companies who participated, to all my helpers and to everyone who came – friends and strangers alike – to wish me well and investigate the many tempting products on display.

Sarabella lipsticks

Sarabella lipsticks

One of the things that surprised me most about choosing to throw a launch party of this type – where I surrounded myself with people and companies I believe in, that I believe are doing good in the world – was how put off some people were by the “money” side of it.

Even though I was not participating in the selling myself, and received no commissions or fees, some people were still unable to see the event as anything other than just one more commercial offering in a world groaning with commercial offerings. I saw it differently. I saw it as a sharing of information.


Annie Tevelin from Skin Owl

I love, and have always loved, seeing good people and good companies prosper. Money is an exchange of human energy. Money has no real “good” or “bad” on the face of it. Money is a reflection of the people and the ideas that lie beneath it.

The_Better_WayWomen are bombarded by information about how much toxicity there is in the world, and how wise we would be to start reducing the number of chemicals we’re exposed to in our personal environment. So my party was like a big, spirited “THIS WAY” sign showing the state of the art of non-toxic beauty. Companies like Beautycounter are doing some amazing R&D, and smaller solo entrepreneurships like Skin Owl and Bullenbees are sourcing incredibly high-quality, effective, science-based ingredients. They’re creating lovely little solutions to the issue of too many chemicals in our skin and in our bloodstream.


Some of the offerings from Ava Anderson Non-Toxic

Check out this Op-Ed by Nicholas Kristof in The New York Times about how even major mainstream medical organizations are finally getting on board with the idea that we need to reduce the amount of chemicals we’re exposed to.


Heather with African dancer Zakiya Matthews and Sarabella co-founder Hayley Chesshir

So here’s to being part of the solution! For the full list of companies that joined me at the Expo, see the bottom of the page.

And, here’s an exciting piece of news! Dry Farm Wines, who was pouring the delectable bio-dynamic wines at the Expo, has told me they are going to make the 10% off they were offering at the party a permanent discount for all of us here at The Strong Woman. Dry Farm sources authentic bio-dynamic wines from artisanal wine-makers all over the world, and then they lab-test them to make sure they are low in sulfites, ultra-low sugar, and free of mold or mycotoxins. These are lovely wines (often from multi-generational family winemakers) without the many additives and chemicals that most conventional wines contain. Use promo code THESTRONGWOMAN to get the discount!

The Natural Beauty Expo companies:

Ava Anderson
Founded by a teenager, a wide variety of non-toxicpersonal and home care products
Department store quality and selection, non-toxic ingredients.
Skin creams made with medical-grade ingredients that protect and heal.
Hand-selected biodynamic wines from the world’s best artisanal vineyards.
Organic, sugar-free juice boxes children love.
The web’s premier destination for pure essential oils and tutorials on how to use them.
Amazing little microfiber cloths that clean your face with just water.
The world’s oldest emollient… and awfully good in a salad dressing.
Thoughtfully crafted body butters, scrubs and candles from a favorite Santa Monica boutique.
Real Food
Tallow creams from L.A.’s best artisanal chef.
Pure, handcrafted vegan lipsticks in bold colors.
Botanical oils that heal and nourish the skin.
Lip glosses and body scrubs made with pure, simple ingredients.
Helping children take environmental responsibility. One lip balm at a time.

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  • sue / 28 December, 2015

    oh how i wish I could have been there! It looks like a fabulous time!!

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